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In the Netherlands the Dutch Shoemakers Association will organize a large exhibition. The NSV Plein 2017 Vakbeurs (NSV Square 2017 Exhibition) will take place at Sunday 9th and Monday 10th April 2017 in the Event centre Gorinchem, Franklinweg 2, 4207 HZ Gorinchem. We have chosen a service formula that includes catering for exhibitors and visitors.

The exhibition will take place in cooperation with our main Dutch suppliers. We have organised several suppliers meetings and on the last one 5th September 2016 the present suppliers have promised their involvement. The Dutch Shoemakers Association will organise this exhibition by itself zo that we can reduce the costs for the exhibitors and organisation but serve our Shoe repairers, Shoemakers and Orthopedic Shoemakers a good exhibition.

Below you will find:

- Terms of condition NSV Plein 2017 Vakbeurs (at this moment still in Dutch)

- Registration agreement NSV Plein 2017 Vakbeurs

We have exhibition space available starting of 12 M², larger or different sizes are in consultation with the Dutch Shoemakers Association available. The minimum size of a basic stand is 12 square meters. De costs for this stand are € 809,- excluding VAT. Larger stands cost € 60,- per M² excluding VAT. The size of stands are only possible in whole meters.

Stand rent includes stand construction. The stand construction consists of wall plates, aluminium frames, fascia with name and per three meter stand construction a lighting rail with six spots. We have carpeted floors in the form of carpet tiles of 50 x 50 cm in the colour anthracite and per stand lined with grey carpet tiles. Exclusive is for instance:

- Furniture (take it with you or for rent)
- Insurance
- The removal of large waste (please take it with you)
- Technical facilities (electricity, power current, diverting illumination etc.)

Of course it is possible to arrange your own stand construction. However there is no reduction on the price. In the terms of conditions you will find more information about this.

Built into the NSV Square 2017 trade fair are the exhibition and prize-giving ceremony of the European Shoemaker Competition and the announcement of the Best shoe repair company of Netherlands. During the suppliers meeting is decided that the prize-giving ceremony of the European Shoemaker Competition will take place on Monday 10 April 2017. The awards ceremony for the best shoe repair company of the Netherlands will take place on Sunday.

Sunday evening 9 April 2017 an optional “Shoemakers dinner” will take place in the Event Centre.

Furthermore, the competition has a new structure. The existing categories are maintained. But new is a category Specials in which annually for another common repair is chosen. Also there is a new category "Pimp Your Shoe". The only condition is that the shoes are still wearable. For this final category the judging is not by a jury but by the visitors of the fair itself. So there is a prize awarded by the visitors.

Tickets for the fair are € 12.50 each. Exhibitors can order tickets for € 10.00 for their relations. Members of the Dutch Shoemakers Association receive two cards per Member. Parking is free at the Event Centre in Gorinchem.

You can register for the NSV Square 2017 Exhibition by filling in the  registration agreement, Please sent it by e-mail to info@schoenmaker.nl or fax it to +31 226-421637. You can also register by the digital form that you will find on the special part of our website. www.nsvplein.nl.
For more information: www.schoenmaker.nl and www.shoemakercompetition.eu

We trust to have informed you sufficiently and are looking forward to your registration for het NSV Plein Vakbeurs 2017.

Terms of condition NSV Plein 2017 Exhibition

At his moment still in Dutch

Inschrijvingsovereenkomst NSV Plein 2017 Vakbeurs

Met dit formulier schrijf u als leverancier zich in voor het NSV Plein 2017 Vakbeurs