The NSV Square 2017 Exhibition will be held on Sunday 9 April and Monday 10 April 2017 in the “Evenementenhal” in Gorinchem, Franklinweg 2, 4207 HZ Gorinchem.

During the NSV Square 2017 Exhibition the usual program parts of the Dutch Shoe Makers Association will return. The Shoemakers dinner, the price awarding ceremony of the European Shoemaker Competition 2017 and the announcement of the Best Shoe repair shop of the Netherlands.

Suppliers present:
Please press here for the most recent list of the exhibitors. We are still continuing recruiting exhibitors. So please check the list frequently. Is your own supplier not part of the list, please ask them to register.

The program is as follows:
Sunday 9 April 2017 Opening hours 11:00 to 17:00
11:00 Start NSV Square 2017 trade fair
11.15 official opening
11.00-13.00 unlimited use of the lunch dishes
15:00 Ceremony for the announcement of the Best Shoe repair shop of the Netherlands. (the price is driving a whole year in a Skoda Citigo fully wrapped with the title and the name of the winner)
17:00 end of day
17.30-18.00 hours start Shoemaker dinner in a separate hall.
Please note! Only if you've registered in advance.

Monday 10 April 2017 Opening hours 11:00 to 16:00
11:00 Start NSV Square 2017 trade fair
11.15 official opening
11.00-13.00 unlimited use of lunch dishes
14.00 Ceremony of the European Shoemaker competition
 Competition groups:
-    Custom made shoes
-    Repair work
     employers/self-employed persons and employees
     students first year
     students second year
-    Repair work Specials
-    Announcement of the price of the visitors for the competition group Pimped shoes.

16:00 end of day

Shoemakers dinner:
After you have visited the exhibition you can join the Shoemakers dinner on Sunday 9 April 2017. This dinner will also take place in the Evenementenhal but in a separate hall. It offers you the chance to talk with your colleagues and suppliers. It is necessary to register in advance for the Shoemakers dinner. Click here to register. The costs for the dinner are € 27.50 per person.

Entrance fee:
All members of the Dutch Shoemakers Association receive two free tickets for the exhibition If you want more tickets it is possible. Extra tickets cost € 12,50 p.p.. Non-members or other visitors are welcome of course. To pre-register as a visitor for the exhibition click here. The entrance tickets are € 12,50 each for a day. (children till 2 years old are free of charge).For this you can get coffee/tea and other refreshments during the day. In the morning you get a small cake with your coffee or tea and between 11 am and 1 pm you can enjoy the lunch.

There is plenty of parking space at the Evenementenhal and this is free of charge.

For the children we have a cosy playing corner.

Furthermore, the European Shoemaker Competition has a new structure. he existing categories are maintained. But we have a new category Specials, for which annually another common repair type is chosen. We have also a new category "Pimp Your Shoe". The only requirement for this category is that the shoes are still wearable. The adjudication is not done by a jury but by the visitors of the exhibition. So a prize is awarded by the public.

Register as a visitor:
Click here to register as a visitor for the NSV Square 2017 trade fair and the Shoemakers dinner.